Recruiting and retaining employees is challenging.  Managing payroll is complicated. 

At Comdata, a pioneer and leader in payroll cards and workforce payments, we understand this better than anyone. 

That’s why we created Fintwist, a digital payment solution that removes significant cost and time from processing payroll checks, while offering your entire workforce a modern and convenient way to get paid – even when they don’t have a bank account. 

It’s a win-win that doesn’t cost you a thing.

We provide dedicated implementation support and create customized training and rollout programs designed to optimize adoption of paycards.

Let us show you why the Comdata Workforce Payment Solutions are the best options for your business.

Please contact Liza Paparella, CPP by email or phone 214-250-9957 for more information on Comdata’s Workforce Payment Solutions.


Workforce Payment Solutions:

Payroll Cards

1099/B2B Cards

Corporate Disbursement Cards

Corporate Spending Cards

Incentive Cards